Michael Willard, writer, painter, columnist, entrepreneur
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The Willard Groupís Declaration of Independence

(The following declaration was composed while at the Dead Sea Mariott in Jordan. We were under seige by Young & Rubicam and WPP.  The declaration is self-explanatory.)


We are invincible. We are invincible because of who we are and what we stand for. We are invincible because we dream dreams not merely of growth but of fulfillment and of better lives for all of the people who call The Willard Group their home.

We are invincible because we are loyal to our people, our clients and our business partners. We believe that like trust, money must be earned.

We are convinced that no agency has ever been made better by being acquired by a conglomerate.  In our view, conglomerates are not advertising or PR companies, but financial companies. They buy, sale, trade and sometimes close the companies they acquire. They do not create. They do not add value. They merely morph. Sometimes they bully.

We will not be bullied. We will not allow our clients to be bullied. We offer them an option based on service, expertise and creativity.

We are invincible because we report and are accountable only to our clients and ourselves rather than to a stock ticker symbol or the whim of a multinational holding company.

This makes us independent. We must actively assert this independence.

We win our clients through competition and hard work.  Nothing was referred to us. Nothing was given to us.

We fought all the way. We built small clients into large clients over the last decade with no help from any international agency. All the international agency did during this period was lose business, which made our work more difficult.

Now WPP has chosen to attempt to take our clients away from us without paying a kopeck. They want a free ride on The Willard Groupís creativity and hard work.

They donít care like we do about clients. They care only about sustaining that 20 percent annual growth rate. We do care about our clients. They are the reason we get up in the morning. 

The big conglomerate attempted to shut us down. They could not. They attempted to acquire our people as though they were pawns to be traded. They could not. 

We choose to be an agency of leaders and not of followers.

It is our desire to set trends, not to follow trends. We have done this regionally, and now we will do it internationally.

We have a regional network that extends to the Caucasus Region, the Central Asian republics, the Baltics, and Central and Eastern Europe. We will continue to grow this network internationally.

We know our path will take courage and confidence. It will not always be easy, but we will always maintain our signature First-Class Service attitude and our dedication to winning for our clients.

Agencies are about people and their ability to do a great job. Agencies are clients and service. We recognize this. It is why we will win.



Risk Takers. Rule Breakers. Opportunity Makers.